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Michal Beránek

I am Michal Beránek and I am the tribal chief and hunter. As a chief I try to develop our tribe so that everybody can work as much as possible in joy. I try to create environment where everybody can do their best, people enjoy their job, their work makes sense and they feel adequately evaluated. Except for that I am responsible for addressing new companies so that they become our customers. My job is great and I love watching me and the others enjoying our work. And how it is possible to develop personal relationships in what we call „work”. I like our hugging, sharing ideas, camping, events with families and any creative work in OpenOne or with our customers.

Martin Literák

My name is Martin Literák and in OpenOne I am in charge of developing relationships with our dear customers. I am excited when our customers are happy, I am delighted when they are satisfied and I cannot sleep when it is not like that:-). I enjoy constantly watching how the situation in individual companies changes, what situations our customers struggle with and I am really glad when I can offer our help. The best about my job is meeting people I like. In OpenOne I love our freedom and well-being. It is great to start a week with normal personal sharing instead of a classic „management meeting“ as it used to be. I like watching how we are changing, everybody at their own pace, and how we are more and more successful at living according to our principles of freedom. Believe it or not, sometimes miracles happen here...

Zdeněk Bohuslav

I am Zdeněk Bohuslav and in OpenOne I am responsible for consulting projects  for existing and new customers. I like to encourage, inspire, seek new solutions, push the boundaries and broaden horizons in all life and work situations. In OpenOne I like open, friendly relationships and focus on the fact that everybody should work in their best talent. Thanks to that I can also share with my colleagues my Christian perspective on the world and help them to endure their life difficulties and challenges.

Tomáš Dočekal

I am Tomáš Dočekal and I joined OpenOne tribe in 2010. I help our customers to improve their contact centres within my consultancy. So  I am a business consultant totally independent of  out tribal software. My nickname is ToDo because what I am told to do, I simply do. I like improving the operations with our customers. I love freedom at work, openness and friendship in OpenOne.

Šárka Davidová

For me, Šárka Davidová, in OpenOne it is like at home – I take care of customers and colleagues so that we live comfortably, have time for sharing and making up new ideas and solutions. We try to pass on those good, verified and meaningful projects to our customers…

Jitka Benešová

My name is Jitka Benešová and in OpenOne I am responsible for testing software for our customers. I like to see our applications with the user´s eyes and think about how to customize our solutions so that they are friendly and intuitive for everybody. I like the friendly atmosphere in OpenOne with lots of humour and mutual support and assistance.

Michal Jehlář

As a junior in OpenOne I have been enjoying freedom at work only for two years.  After experience with corporate development of applications,  I am happy to have the opportunity to engage in what I really like and thus devote my energy maximally where I find the sense of it. I am Michal Jehlář and I will be glad to bring every new application to life.

David Kaisner

I am David Kaisner. In OpenOne I am responsible for development for Uniqa (CZ & SK) customers as an analyst and project manager. I also take part in developing solutions for other customers as a programmer and tester. I enjoy looking for, making up and implementing application solutions of customer needs and optimizing customer processes. In our tribe I really like openness, freedom and friendship and at the same time responsibility for work that is a big part of our common existence.

Jiří Král

My name is Jiří Král, in OpenOne I am in charge of service  requests of our customers, a partial development of applications and portal solutions. I enjoy the support and communication with customers, looking for specific faults and creating tiny improvements according to customers needs. In OpenOne a really appreciate the free (non)management of work and my exceptional colleagues. I also like working for OpenOne because of extra-work activities and friendly events outside our office.

Karel Matlas

My name is Karel Matlas and in our company I am responsible for mainly PBX integration but also standard development and maintenance of other application solutions. I enjoy looking for solutions of really different customer requests and their implementation to our applications to overall satisfaction. In our company I really appreciate the exceptional team applying freedom at work and agile methodology thanks to which I nearly always look forward to work.

Honza Pastejřík

I am Honza Pastejřík, in OpenOne I am responsible mainly for financial and operational area of our common life, it means harder stuff. In our tribe I am the Squaw – so I know almost everything, I help with almost everything, I give advice, manage things, solve problems, organize things… I love doing it. In OpenOne I enjoy mainly our common life, creativity and looking for new ways in company life.

Petr Valentin

I am Petr Valentin. And in fact I do not know exactly what I am responsible for, I do what is necessary.  I like when the work goes easily and has sense. And the best in OpenOne is our team, I am rally happy about that.

David Švestka

My name is David Švestka. In OpenOne I am in charge of delivering our solutions to the company SAZKAmobil and I engage in implementation of customer projects and development of our applications. I am      mainly concerned with their presentation and application part. I love travelling, taking photographs and I am interested in technology and geography.

Pavel Tůma

I am Pavel Tůma and in OpenOne I currently work as a project manager, analyst, trainer and I engage in propagation of freedom at work in our tribe and outside it. I enjoy meeting our customers (mainly internal contact centres of big companies), penetrating into their modus operandi  and understanding what, how and mainly why they do and subsequently make their life easier with help of our SW solutions and programmer team. In OpenOne I appreciate our openness and open-mindedness to try to do things differently. A few years ago this lead us on our current way to „freedom“. I like watching the change not only in me but also in my colleagues, friends from OpenOne. I enjoy our common events at work and outside it. I have been in OpenOne so long that I have my own inventor number, but I still love it here… 

Jan Moravec

jan moravecik