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We do meaningful things freely
Actually, we are not an „ordinary“ company...

We are not interested in slogging away at results and profit. We seek our daily joy and high quality customer care.


We support „freedom at work“ but we rather call it „freedom at cooperation“

We develop environment where we trust each other.  We trust the others to do their best and what is in our team´s interests. We try to listen to everybody, to be receptive and to understand each other´s opinion, expectations and needs. In our company everybody can work from home and go to work, work on days and at times most convenient for them. With responsibility to the others and to their own and the others´ tasks. Everybody can choose what they will do and with whom.

It is very important for us to have zest for work

We are not interested in slogging away at results and profit, we seek zest for work and high quality customer care. We wish everybody can earn their living, enjoy work and feel fulfilled.

Talents and development

We support everybody to find and develop their talents, to do as many activities as possible where the talents can be used. Everybody can at their discretion choose any training, course, book, consultation for their own development. Without any content or financial limitations.

Sharing and spending time together

Our financial expert regularly announces how we are doing financially. According to that we all equally decide on rewards for members of the team. We support regular sharing in the form of meetings where we discuss what is new, where we were successful, what we should expect, what new anybody learned and encountered or what troubles anybody has. Several times a year we make trips together – cycling, skiing, canoeing or rope climbing. We also make trips with our families, e.g. camping or canoeing.

Our team