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Zingo brings to call centre team leaders a simple and intuitive tool for systematic work with a team of operators

Simple entering and quick access to reports

It makes possible to enter, add, modify, record information about operator´s KPI. Also plan trainings, record system events and operator´s agreed development activities.It shows reporting in very attractive and meaningful graphs and tables.

Sophisticated context

Everything in the application is interlinked and thanks to that you easily find what you need.

Without the need of implementation

Zingo solution can be used as a service.

Customized for call centre team leaders

The application was developed and based on the needs of team leaders, it is customized exactly for them.



We regularly find out what could be done better. Thus team leaders can design an application that motivates operators during their work and at the same time facilitates the management of them.

As a team leader I need to see what results in KPI the members of my team have achieved.
What influenced their results?
How did they compare with each other and other teams? I want to enter the target values and results in the evaluation period easily. I need the possibility of recording trainings and other types of different activities to see the operators´ results and the context.

That is why we developed ZINGO.
Zingo enables team leaders to see what results the members of their team achieved, to compare their results with other teams or periods and to see which events influenced the results.