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The place where CoolCentres are born

We believe that existing contact centres can be gradually changed into better place for living,  places where most employees would like to work and would look forward to work. A place with much less formidable fluctuation than today, where the operator´s role will have its sense, honour and significance. We have started to call such a form of a call centre the CoolCentre.

We believe that this is the only way in the long term that contact centres should take

Huge fluctuation, little prestige of operators´work, big problems with recruiting new operators and a great deal of dissatisfaction of existing contact centres show that this is not the right way☺. Furthermore, new generations will definitely not enjoy management via measuring and checking and the society without freedom.

Staff satisfaction and enthusiasm

We believe that CoolCentres gradually outperform the results and operation of existing contact centres. We can expect particularly higher staff satisfaction performed in their loyalty, operational deployment, higher focus on actual customer needs and thus better customer care and more appropriate sale. Customers will also appreciate the implementation of CoolCentres as they will recognize the enthusiasm of operators in their voices and texts. Staff will have more time for customers and thanks to the freedom provided they will deliver appropriate care, assistance and sale.

CoolCentre cannot emerge by itself, without any work, ideas and enthusiasm

The ideas and implementations can certainly be handled internally. On the other hand cooperation with someone external can be helpful. With someone who fully believes this vision, who is experienced in the field and who has personal experience with new forms of management and operations of companies based on a long term staff satisfaction and joy.

We can guide you through this change

Therefore we offer our involvement in the change of existing contact centres into long-term alive CoolCentres. We offer to guide you through this change, looking for the right way and overcoming obstacles.

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